“As we are all aware, we are living in very uncertain times but wanted to advise that we are still very much open for business and operating as normal, albeit remotely.

We are fully set up to work from home in respect of IT and have call diverts in place enabling us to access all forms of communication as if we were in the office to enable business to continue. In addition, we also have a telephone answering service who take calls on our behalf and relay your message to us and we will come back to you.

So please, contact us as you normally would as we are very much here and operating as normal.

We wish you all well through these difficult times – stay safe.



We provide a rating service including the review, appeal, negotiation and settlement of appeals, under Rating Revaluation or new owner, tenancy or occupation of commercial premises.

As part of this service a survey of premises would be undertaken together with a review of comparable properties and relevant evidence of similar type properties in the locality. Where appropriate an appeal is submitted to the Local Authority Assessor and thereafter discussion and negotiation on values is carried out.

We have been successful in reducing values for numerous clients over the years with substantial reductions achieved in some cases.

Dai N Hutchinson BSc, is an Expert in this sector of the market, having handled a variety of appeals throughout his career.